Welcome to Central Florida Shutters & Blinds

"Quality, Integrity, Service, and Value." 

Central Florida Shutters and Blinds measures, orders, and installs only products of the best possible value.  We don't believe in fancy designer labels, but we don't believe in cheap plastic junk either!  Quality and value are the hallmarks of our business.  We won't recommend anything for your home that we wouldn't put in our own homes.  

We offer no haggle pricing! Most companies and franchises in the area intentionally quote a high price from the beginning to give themselves some wiggle room to negotiate.  We believe in giving you our best price the first time!


About Me

My name is Ryan Parker and I’m a second generation firefighter for the city of Port Orange and the owner of Central Florida Shutters and Blinds. Our business is run by local firefighters so everyone who enters your property has been drug screened and background checked.